# Marketer's lounge Entrepreneur's lounge
9:00am - 9:30am Registrations Open
9:30am - 10:30am

Keynote: Emerging Trends in Digital Marketing & Technology

Sunil Rao - Country Head - Outreach Programs, Google
10:30am - 10:50am Tea Break

Understanding Google Search and SEO

Syed Malik Mairaj - Sr. Strategist, Search Quality - Google

Unconference: In search of the next big disruption

Dorai Thodla, Founder, Imorph Inc

Bang for your buck: Organic vs Paid traffic

Suganthi Sugumaran, SEO/SocialMedia Consultant, DigitalSpread Communications
12:30am-1:30pm Lunch Break

Monitization: Enhanced Profits and Business with Google

Madhumathi GK, Co-Founder, Madras Studios

5 steps to better user engagement

Siddarth Govindaraj, Founder, Silver Stripe Software

Understanding AdWords

Mrinalini Chakrabarty, Joshua Singh, Google

Confessions of a Hustler: Outreach hacks

Ashwin Ramasamy, Founder, ContractIQ
3:10pm-3:30pm Tea Break

SEO unplugged: Fireside chat with SEO and AdWords experts

Syed Malik, Suganthi Sugumaran, Mrinalini Chakrabarty, Joshua Singh

Panel discussion: Entrepreneurship

Sunil Rao - Country Head - Outreach Programs, Google
5:10pm-5:30pm T-shirts & swags

GDayX brings together some of the best speakers and entrepreneurs in the country to share their knowledge with you. Listen and learn from the people who walk the talk! All this knowledge comes to you free of cost. Of course, it includes swags and food as well.

Sunil Rao

Country Head- Google Outreach Programs.

Sunil at Google is responsible for designing programs to grow the local internet ecosystem by supporting businesses, IT professionals, educational organisations, startups and developers to understand their opportunities on the internet and getting them to start using internet as part of their lives. Sunil has worked in various leadership roles before joining Google. His earlier stints were as Head of Developer ecosystem at Nokia and Symbian . He has lead sales and marketing efforts at various Fortune 500 companies. He has lived and worked in North America, Europe and Asian Markets.

Paul Ravindranath

Program Manager, Emerging Markets, Google

At Google, Paul works on Emerging Markets programs to grow the local internet ecosystem by supporting businesses, entrepreneurs, IT professionals, students and developers to understand their opportunities on the internet and by getting them to start actively using the internet as part of their lives.

Prior to this, Paul spent 7+ Years managing Google Search Quality team with expertise in Search, SEO and Webmaster Communications. He has interned with Philips as a Software Engineer, holds an Engineering degree in Computer Science and is a Stanford Certified Project Manager.

Syed Malik

Sr. Strategist for Search Quality and Webmaster Outreach Specialist at Google

Syed Malik is responsible for building & executing strategy to drive high-quality content in India, improve webmaster transparency & outreach coverage. He was an Analyst in the Google search Quality team before he took to the Outreach Specialist role and has been associated with this team ever since he joined Google in 2006. Before, he was a freelance web developer and has over a decade of experience in the online industry overall.

He is a Google certified trainer and an active evangelist of Google Webmaster Resources and loves interacting with webmasters on various platforms.

Dorai Thodla

Founder, CTO, iMorph Inc.

Dorai Thodla is a serial entrepreneur. He co-founded two companies in India and two in US. Starting as a consulting company, his companies moved from services to products and augmented products with services. He currently helps companies bootstrap product initiatives, advises companies on product and market strategies (mostly selling in US). He strongly believes that building a product innovation culture in a company will help services businesses. His company tracks several emerging technology trends including Cloud Computing, Mobile Computing, Social Computing and opportunity mapping. He spends half his time in US and the other half in India.

Suganthi Sugumaran

Founder, DigitalSpread Communications

Suganthi is a Product Marketing specialist. Has been working with various products in different domains for the past twelve years. Is passionate about Digital Marketing and loves to get hands-on with SEO. Social Media Enthusiast. Equally passionate about History - is an atheist who loves temples.

Madhumathi G

Co-Founder, Madras Studios

Madhumathi is a Mobile application developer by profession and has 5+ years of experience in making iOS apps. She is also a Co-founder of Madras Studios. She has extensive experience and worked in all phases of application development.

Mrinalini Chakrabarty

Digital Marketing Specialist - Asia Pacific region, Google

Mrinalini is a Digital Marketing Specialist for SMBs in the Asia Pacific region. She joined Google over 8 years ago after getting a BA degree in Literature from the St. Xavier's college in Kolkata. At Google, she has worked with a number of markets (including India) in roles related to customer support, account management, Sales, product strategy, and media specialization. She loves traveling and photography in her free time.

Joshua Singh

Sr. Strategist - Ads Quality & Program Manager, AdWords Outreach, Google

Joshua joined Google in 2008 as part of the Search Quality team and helped set up an Ads Quality operations team in Hyderabad, which define product policies, and defends Google's integrity by fighting spam, fraud and abuse across Google AdWords. His domain expertise lies in AdWords landing pages policy. Joshua has a bachelor's degree in technology from Vellore Institute of Technology. He loves traveling and playing the piano in his spare time.

Ashwin Ramasamy

Founder, ContractIQ

Ashwin is the founder of ContractIQ - An online showcase for mobile developers that build tools & apps for startups & enterprises. He has spent the last 11 years buying and selling software development services on behalf of startups, small businesses and F500 organizations. Ashwin has worked in varied markets such as the US, Germany, India, Singapore and West Asia.

In a parallel universe he is Sheldon Cooper and enjoys the snow outside his window in a picturesque Chennai.

This year, GDayX will be held by Google Business Group (GBG) in association with Google Student Ambassadors (GSA) through out the country. At chennai, we are hosting GDayX at Hindustan University (OMR) at the Andromeda Hall. The registration will begin at 9:00am on Saturday.
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